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    Temp. PictureDay Pass

    Day Pass

    $2 per child per day
    Two areas: 0-3 years & 4-12 years
    Adults: There is no charge for coming in and supervising your children.

    Hours of Operation

    Temp. Picture Birthday Party

    Birthday Party

    Courts Plus allows your child to dream up their own birthday party package. Whether the playground, playing sports in the gym or a dance party, there is a party for everybody. 

    Contact Wayne Herrick at 237-4805 or with any questions.

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    Temp. PictureDay Care

    Day Care

    The playroom at Courts Plus Fitness is a short-term childcare facility for children ages 0-8 years of age. A maximum of TWO hours may be spent at one time per day. Parents must remain at Courts Plus during this time.

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    Hours of Operation
    Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm
    Saturday - 9am - 1 pm
    Sunday - 9am - 1pm
    Holidays - Closed

    Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm
    Saturday - 9am - 1 pm
    Sunday - Closed
    Holidays - Closed




    The childcare is FREE for Court members and a per hour charge will be assessed to Fitness members. Punch cards are available at the daycare desk for $20.00. (If you are unsure what type of membership you have, the front desk staff can look it up for you). There will be a charge for not canceling your reservation.


    Reservations may be made up to TWO days in advance. They may also be made the day of depending on availability. If there are no reservations by 5:00 pm for the evening the child care will close at 5:00 pm. Daycare reservations can only be made during daycare hours. Please call 237-4451 to make a reservation.

    First Visit

    The first time your child visits the Child Care, parents will be asked to fill out a Child Information Form. This form does not take very long and is important information to help us to take care of your child(ren). The more we know about your child(ren) the better care we can provide.


    Parents must check-in their child at the registration desk on each visit. If your child has any special needs or concerns, please discuss it at that time.


    When picking up your child remember that your child will only be released to the person indicated on the check-in form. The staff will be asking for the I.D. of the person picking up your child(ren).

    Diapers & Toilet Training

    Parents must supply enough disposable diapers and wipes for your child’s length of stay. If your child requires use of a cream or powder, you will also need to provide that.

    Children being toilet trained should have an extra change of clothes with them. Should an “accident” occur, we do not have extra clothes on hand for your child.


    For the safety of other children and staff, your child may not be able to stay in the daycare if any of the following are present:

    • Watery, inflamed eyes or crusted eyelids
    • Deep and severe cough, heavy or discolored nasal discharge
    • Fever above 99.0
    • Vomiting or diarrhea
    • Rash or unusual skin conditions

    If a doctor diagnoses an infection and places the child on a prescription medication the child should not be brought into the daycare until he/she has had medication for a full 24 hours, and symptoms have disappeared for 24 hours.


    Parents must fill out a form providing emergency information on their child. This form will also provide signed permission to authorize emergency care for your child. In the unlikely event of an accident, our staff is certified in CPR and First Aid. If these actions are not sufficient to care for your child, emergency care may be required. In the case of an emergency, every attempt will be made to contact parents immediately. Any accidents that occur in the daycare will be documented on an Incident/Accident report form.


    If a child is not displaying appropriate behavior, staff may use a “time out”. This will be explained to the child and parents will be informed. Some instances that a “time out” may be used is hitting, kicking, or pinching another child or being destructive with toys.

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